Jebbiroth (jebbiroth) wrote in energetics,

hi all...

first off id like to say, hello.
i just thought id post and say "hey" to everyone. I also had a few questions for anyone that might be able to answer them. First i should explain my backgrounds and experiences with energy, and qi. Ive been studying martial arts (tai chi, gung-fu, aikido) for sometime now, and im getting pretty deep into the energy side of it. i know of course there are different types of energy, and i would say i have an "okay" understanding of it considering im fairly young. we've mainly been working on the inner qi and applications there of, mainly for self-healing and health, etc. so far we havent done very many exercises or "techniques" on harnessing outside, or externaly. i was wondeering if anyone could give me any advice, or techniques, or just general info.
thanx in advance.
i look forward to reading future posts.
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