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Many of us are interested in lucid dreaming and astral projection. And we search ways to make them more controlled, more useful and more awared.
Here I introduce a method which could give approximately the same results as dreaming, but more quicker and reliable. I don’t claim than it is the best method and it still underconstraction. It is not absolutely new and unique – but not well known. I think it is interesting for many people.

The key ideas of it are:
1. Imagination and common night dreaming are approximately the same function of brain. The difference between them is in brightness and control. Dreams are brighter, but less controlled.
2. Everything you could reach in dreams, you could reach in imagination too.
3. The quality of information you obtain does not depend weather it was dreaming or imagination. It is another mechanism.

4. The deeper you go in imagination (walking in some landscape, for example) the closer it is to dreaming. Pictures became brighter and more stabile. In term of psychology it could be called visual trance.
5. The best results could be obtained then the imagination is produced together with another person. One control process, and one – see. It is impossible while dreaming.
6. The imagination could be passive and active. Passive is then you command it. Active is then you let it be and let it show you what it wants. Originally the “active imagination” was developed by Joung in order to replace dreams analyze of Froid.
7. Each session of active imagination begins from inviting “inner teacher”, spiritual teacher” or “angel” which helps person to go inside and protect him.

I did around 100 sessions to different people mostly with good results and without damage.
The most difficult condition here is to find another person, in who you trust and who agree to help you. And now how. But most people can do A.I. themselves – but it is 10 times weaker.

Here is an instructions for making A.I.

1. Take a responsibility on your self. You are a source of everything in your life.
2. Find quiet place for an hour, switch off the phone and so one. Don’t do it in your bed – you could easily go to sleep. Think about a question you have to the spiritual teacher, or your goal. To have pleasure is a good goal. (Do not expect that past lives will be pleasent if you choose them)
3. Make an image of the see beach and imagine that you are there. Look all around, imagine sounds, clothes and so on. Don’t care about the quality of the picture. It will gradually improve by itself. Some people are very visual and the immediately see the picture. Some people will have only mental images of the landscape. It is not a big difference! It is like a difference between color and BW TV. The message will be the same. Don’t force the images to be like something, but allow them to be as they want.
4. After you get an image of the see beach, walk there for a while. It could take from 1 minute to 30, but 5-10 minutes are usually enough.
5. Invite your teacher in this place. You could imagine a figure coming to you from the distance. Then the teacher came, thanks him and ask his name and his function in your life. In order to receive answers you could make question, and then make your mind calm and wait for any thought in your mind to appear. !!!! If you don’t like anything you met or you don’t no what to do, just command yourself to return back to reality.
6. When the teacher came, ask him (or her!) what he wants to say you before you start.
7. Ask your question. And get the answer or go these a teacher to the specific place. Possible destinations: source of love, source of healing energy, past live, future, source of enlightenment, machine of remote viewing, meeting with dead and other teacher. Believe your feelings, and never do what you don’t want to do.
8. After you feel you are finished thanks the teacher again and say yourself to remember all and feel good and go out.

It is better to write down everything soon – you will remember better. I like to get such recalls and publish the anonymously in this LJ.

Disclaimer. I am a free researcher. I am not a therapist. I can’t resolve all your problems. You have full responsibility of using or not using this method. If you have strong psychological problems, you should ask you doctor before any experiments.

I need your help in my experiments. Thou the problem of dreaming is resolved, but it is not clear how to prove all information you get. The machine of remote viewing is one of the most checkable things. I am interested in any results that could be proved.

I don’t take money for any assistance with A.I. You are free to write me or to call me by phone ( ask it by e-mail) or meet me and have sessions with me. But I am interesting in some kind of advertising and in you trip reports – it will helps me and other english users.

I ask someone to improve my english text, if it is possible 
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