[Defiance Lover] (hystericvotary) wrote in energetics,
[Defiance Lover]


Hello Everone,
If a name is at all important,mine is Marie.And I have great interest in learning as much information about energy or the magnetic force created from our inner/centered being...I know that over years my sense for outside forces has become keen,still very immature,but there are instances that my 'senses' have proven themself.
For example;
When someone from my past [someone I had an intense relationship with]speaks to me,I can be almost certain in predicting the amount of time it will be until' our next meeting.
There have other instances,like dreaming of a certain event and then the event happening...

My basic interests are:aura reading,energy impacted by earth [incl.astrology],becoming more aware of my energy force as well as others by any means or 'technique'.

I am also a moderate practicianer of meditation..
I look forward to all of your future posts.
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