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new feeling

last night i was meditating in my bed with my amethyst crystal that my friend brought back from india for me. i had it placed on my base chakra and had my hands on my solar plexus area doing reiki. i usually do reiki through the crystal but i felt like changing things up a bit. i was listening to medulla by bjork. its an amazing album, especially with headphones. so about 30 min into the meditation i was feeling nice and relaxed and somewhere else when i felt a total release in my solar plexus-base area. it felt like a bubble rising to the surface and then i felt completely different. i felt like i was in a fuzzy intensely blue cocoon floating in nothingness. my lip was buzzing like crazy (see last post) and (not kidding it just started again right now as i'm writing this!) joined in with the flow of blueness if you get what i mean. i've been to this state before, of floating in nothingness with colors and such but it felt like i had gone up (or down?) a level. i felt especially "in tune" last night and was aware of my entire body at once without having to "scan" each part of it. this is a new thing for me, something i have been trying to attain but just haven't til now. its like every time i meditate i can go deeper and deeper (if i want to). i realized this very early on in my practice with meditation but i can never seem to predict what the next move will be, its always a pleasant surprise, always an opening and awakening experience. :)
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