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i just joined the community. my name is kevin and i live in quebec city, canada. i was attuned to reiki 1 year ago, i am still a level 1 right now. i was introduced to reiki and energy work when i was about 14 or 15 years old (i'm 22 now) though i didn't really feel personally drawn to it at that time. i was introduced to it by some friends who were attuned. i went through a serious illness about two years ago now which left me paralyzed for several months, but i have since recovered and have all of my mobility back, but have some numbness left in my feet. this was a very hard thing to go through and i have never been through so much physical, emotional and mental pain in my life.during the time i was paralyzed my cousin came to give me reiki quite a few times. also another woman, who was a "physiotherapist" came to work on me energetically. i did not expect it but i sensed (i felt strong energy flowing from her hands) what she was doing and mouthed to her (i was on a ventilator so i could not speak) if that was what she was doing. she said yes, i smiled and relaxed because i totally believed in what she was doing. to this day i have never felt someone with such strong energy. between my cousin and this woman i received quite a bit of healing energy and i consider it as a big part of why i recovered so quickly. it took me a year after i had begun recovering to get to the point where i was ready to really "go back" to the time when i was ill (i blocked a lot of it out) and figure out what i had learned and what had been the strongest points that stuck out to me about why i had become ill. i came to the conclusion quite quickly that i wanted to be attuned to reiki as i felt it had been an important part of my recovery and because i felt an affinity with healing, i want to help others. i had been told by several people in the spiritual/healing community where i grew up that i was bound to be a healer as well so this only reinforced this idea. i also realized that everything that had happened in my life had led up to me being symbolically "paralyzed" which i feel helped to create this illness in me. so i am now attuned to reiki. i also meditate on a somewhat regular basis (about 4 or 5 times a week if not every day). i have spent the past year really getting myself in tune with my own energy and the energy and cycles around me. i mostly do reiki on myself but i also do it on my companion of three years once in a while. i should also mention that i would never change what happened to me. it has made me a stronger, more positive and much much much more grounded person. i would not be who i am today if i hadn't gotten ill. plus it has created and strengthened lifelong bonds with many people.
on another note i have been working with a cree woman named morningstar. she is an energy worker and shamaness. she is probably many more things but to put a title to them all is really not necessary. i have a good sense of people and know deep down in my bones that she is a trustworthy and beautiful person. she has helped me discover a few things about myself, mostly through speaking with her and by analyzing certain meditations and visions i have had. after much thought she let me know that she believes me to be a shaman as well. this was quite shocking to me. i had considered this myself on certain occasions, that there was the possibility, but i never determined it myself. i know that many people are negative about this issue and do not like it when people call themselves shamans, especially in western society. it has all been said before and i won't spend time defending myself here. i am young and have not had much experience with this but i know that one needs special training from another shaman to become a shaman. at least this is what i have been led to "believe". i have not received this training obviously but know it will come in the future in some way shape or form. when that time comes, i will be ready. in the meantime i hold this "title" close to my heart and as i always say, time will tell. we'll see.
so thats about it for now, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. i hope to get a few comments and maybe make some friends in the comm who are likeminded and enjoy these sorts of things. i have much more to say but i would go on forever. hope you've read this far.
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