A Silence So Eloquent Comes Rushing In...& Is Gone (eloquentsilence) wrote in energetics,
A Silence So Eloquent Comes Rushing In...& Is Gone

Hi, I'm New

I have a question concerning energy focus. I've recently been practicing the japanese reiki (Nentatsu-ho and Seiheki Chiryo-ho). So far it has worked in the healing of myself after surgery and also migraines. Sometimes during energy focus on myself, astral projections follows. Not a problem because i've been projecting for some years now.

Last night though, I decided to do energy work on myself since I was feeling feverish and chilly for a few days...(felt like I was having the flu). Anyway, something very strange happened while focusing energy from my feet and going through my entire body. The usual vibrations occurred, but I suddenly felt a piercing, throbbing pain in my knee. (I have no injuries to my knee, and i'm far from being old....no arthritis problems etc.)... so it took me by surprise). It stopped, then started again, on and off every few minutes. It continued like that for a period of half an hour. The pain was very sharp, as if I was pierced with a large metal object. (I even wondered if someone had a voodoo doll and sticking it with pins in the knee, yes I was that freaked out about it). Anyway I finally fell asleep when the pain ceased, and woke up this morning, no pain in the knee whatsoever....oh and I now have no more fever or chills...it seems the flu bug has left my body.

Does anyone know what could have caused this to happen?
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