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curiosity :) [28 Jul 2006|11:00am]

hey all!

i just joined this comm. because i have an interest in some things regarding psychic ability...

does anyone here see auras? just wondering...i'd like to know about experiences with them...

some people have also connected this to synesthesia- anyone care to elaborate?

thanks :)
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worlwide action [28 Jul 2006|04:15pm]


In accordance with
Strengthening military actions in the Near East,
And increase of terrorist danger
We offer:

On August, 28th, 2006 at 6pm local time
Together with close native people
To burn candles
In all countries,
Worldwide, following the sun…

In memory of those who was lost,
With hope that it to not repeat,
With confidence that the Love and good will of people
Will stop terrorism

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[28 Apr 2006|09:06am]


JOIN: micksanctu
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Utility for meditation and relaxation [11 Mar 2006|09:15pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello all!

Has anyone of you ever heard something about Budda Machine and the way it relax you? What would happen if we combined Budda Machine`s sounds with 3D sacred symbols: flower of life, pyramid, metatron’s cube and etc.? You would get utility for meditation and relaxation -

Software for viewing from here: http://www.rotor3d.com


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blind [13 Sep 2005|05:07am]

I do energy work a lot. I am working at blind man's bluff. what does that mean? It means being able to feel things in the dark such as a wall before you hit it. Not by reaching out to touch but to feel the thickness of a stationary object in the dark. knowing if ther eis another life force in the room with me. It is immense fun along with a few bruises.
Some times I am even good at it. My night vision is decent but for this I close my eyes.
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hi all... [02 Sep 2005|07:30am]

first off id like to say, hello.
i just thought id post and say "hey" to everyone. I also had a few questions for anyone that might be able to answer them. First i should explain my backgrounds and experiences with energy, and qi. Ive been studying martial arts (tai chi, gung-fu, aikido) for sometime now, and im getting pretty deep into the energy side of it. i know of course there are different types of energy, and i would say i have an "okay" understanding of it considering im fairly young. we've mainly been working on the inner qi and applications there of, mainly for self-healing and health, etc. so far we havent done very many exercises or "techniques" on harnessing outside, or externaly. i was wondeering if anyone could give me any advice, or techniques, or just general info.
thanx in advance.
i look forward to reading future posts.
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[10 Jun 2005|05:13pm]

Not sure if it's allowed...but i'll delete if it's not:

Check out this community good people free_spirits_

Oh yeah, feel free to join it too:)
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[07 Jun 2005|01:27am]
Many of us are interested in lucid dreaming and astral projection. And we search ways to make them more controlled, more useful and more awared.
Here I introduce a method which could give approximately the same results as dreaming, but more quicker and reliable. I don’t claim than it is the best method and it still underconstraction. It is not absolutely new and unique – but not well known. I think it is interesting for many people.

The key ideas of it are:
1. Imagination and common night dreaming are approximately the same function of brain. The difference between them is in brightness and control. Dreams are brighter, but less controlled.
2. Everything you could reach in dreams, you could reach in imagination too.
3. The quality of information you obtain does not depend weather it was dreaming or imagination. It is another mechanism.

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[11 May 2005|05:12am]

There are reasons that I do not do some things. With the current copy of the magazine known as the kindred came a CD of something called "the Human Design System". Curious I popped it in and played with it. Of course it is not complete as it was free. Very few things peg me right as the time of my birth is only a guestimation. there is not record of it. The birth certificate has no time. My mom guesses between 11pm and midnight. *sigh* Still this thing had me down enough to scare me. WOW. I have a map of me...sort of. I have always known I was odd but gee seeing it in words on the screen and picture is ....The funny thing is that well...it is not a matter of being an empath anymore. Oh if the Psionic people could see this. *shaking head* It makes sense. I still have to understand it better before I can be impressed. It had me down as a Manifester Generator. Big words *grin* Basically it means I can drum up a nifty charge when I need it and have excellent reflexes. Ok that is not the map but my short hand version. I carry heat all the time...I carry a static charge all the time. I make things work when I need them to work. Yeah I know there are lots of folks out there who can do the same. So what. Oh I don't think I am special or anything. But when something so new age can pin things about me that I don't talk about it sort of gets my attention. So now I have to figure out what I am looking at. *sigh*
Ok that and meditation...I do it in the dark...no distractions. little to no light. and I zone. except this time I did not. I was tingling all over. Not heat exactly but my arm hairs were standing on end. How can I tell in the dark? Remember I carry a static charge. I held up my arms and they were alive with white spots jumping all over and around My arms looked and felt fuzzy. They began to lose shape and I had to stop looking at them. but out of curiosity I looked down my shirt and was relieved to find no spots or anything but as I continued to stare my torso turned black and those spots appeared in a highly agitated state. It felt as though I were building up a charge. I began to lose form. *shaking head* Ok so I got a tad spooked and got up. I am revved up to run....No I know better than to try it. I have learned to control my breathing and my heart rate but this is different. All I know how to do is ground it. It makes a very good point when you ground into a person. I have done it twice. It is not nice. They did deserve it however and that was a long story. It is painful for them. If you take a static charge and touch a person they feel it some times you can even see the sparks. When you run a current it is different. When you tell me you can take any thing I can dish out be aware of what you are asking for. One of those two was such an experiment I nearly burned him out. The other time was well...never mind. I suppose this new toy sparked my interest. I think I will have to play with it more but I always end up taking a shower. Else I become restless with pent up energy.
Yes I experiment a lot. Some of it unwise as I learn soon enough. Thank goodness I have excellent reflexes.
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Introduction: [27 Feb 2005|08:33pm]

Hello Everone,
If a name is at all important,mine is Marie.And I have great interest in learning as much information about energy or the magnetic force created from our inner/centered being...I know that over years my sense for outside forces has become keen,still very immature,but there are instances that my 'senses' have proven themself.
For example;
When someone from my past [someone I had an intense relationship with]speaks to me,I can be almost certain in predicting the amount of time it will be until' our next meeting.
There have other instances,like dreaming of a certain event and then the event happening...

My basic interests are:aura reading,energy impacted by earth [incl.astrology],becoming more aware of my energy force as well as others by any means or 'technique'.

I am also a moderate practicianer of meditation..
I look forward to all of your future posts.
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[15 Feb 2005|04:58am]

If energy is energy ...is there a light and dark? can you have and evil energy and a good? Or is it simply the person wielding the power? These are questions that have come up and I am curious.
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NARCOTICHRIST [13 Feb 2005|04:27pm]

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question? [19 Jan 2005|11:26am]

[ mood | curious ]

Is anyone having problems sleeping lately, and strange dreams?

Not last night, but the two nights before, I have been waking up about 6 times, and having strange dreams that i cannot remember. Normally i can remember my dreams. Many other people on my friends list are also having problems sleeping, and or unremembered dreams. Strangely tho, i'm not tired, but quite refreshed.

When i speak to guides/higher self, it tells me to 'be patient' and 'you'll see, don't make any decisions/choices atm'

really feels like something is brewing.. an air of expectancy.. anyone else picking up on the same things?

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new feeling [02 Jan 2005|03:59pm]

[ mood | good ]

last night i was meditating in my bed with my amethyst crystal that my friend brought back from india for me. i had it placed on my base chakra and had my hands on my solar plexus area doing reiki. i usually do reiki through the crystal but i felt like changing things up a bit. i was listening to medulla by bjork. its an amazing album, especially with headphones. so about 30 min into the meditation i was feeling nice and relaxed and somewhere else when i felt a total release in my solar plexus-base area. it felt like a bubble rising to the surface and then i felt completely different. i felt like i was in a fuzzy intensely blue cocoon floating in nothingness. my lip was buzzing like crazy (see last post) and (not kidding it just started again right now as i'm writing this!) joined in with the flow of blueness if you get what i mean. i've been to this state before, of floating in nothingness with colors and such but it felt like i had gone up (or down?) a level. i felt especially "in tune" last night and was aware of my entire body at once without having to "scan" each part of it. this is a new thing for me, something i have been trying to attain but just haven't til now. its like every time i meditate i can go deeper and deeper (if i want to). i realized this very early on in my practice with meditation but i can never seem to predict what the next move will be, its always a pleasant surprise, always an opening and awakening experience. :)

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[22 Dec 2004|05:24pm]

i have an odd question that possibly one of you can answer, or help me figure out. for the past week i have had this tingling sensation come and go in my upper lip, right in the middle in the dent under my nose. its not a muscle spasm, as i know all too well what that feels like. its just a tingling/buzzing feeling about an inch across and an inch tall. i don't know at all what it is or why it has just appeared like this. its interesting and it is not painful in any way. any ideas? thx.
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greetings [21 Dec 2004|08:07pm]

[ mood | calm ]

i just joined the community. my name is kevin and i live in quebec city, canada. i was attuned to reiki 1 year ago, i am still a level 1 right now. i was introduced to reiki and energy work when i was about 14 or 15 years old (i'm 22 now) though i didn't really feel personally drawn to it at that time. i was introduced to it by some friends who were attuned. i went through a serious illness about two years ago now which left me paralyzed for several months, but i have since recovered and have all of my mobility back, but have some numbness left in my feet. this was a very hard thing to go through and i have never been through so much physical, emotional and mental pain in my life.Read more...Collapse )

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Hi, I'm New [15 Dec 2004|12:31pm]

I have a question concerning energy focus. I've recently been practicing the japanese reiki (Nentatsu-ho and Seiheki Chiryo-ho). So far it has worked in the healing of myself after surgery and also migraines. Sometimes during energy focus on myself, astral projections follows. Not a problem because i've been projecting for some years now.

Last night though, I decided to do energy work on myself since I was feeling feverish and chilly for a few days...(felt like I was having the flu). Anyway, something very strange happened while focusing energy from my feet and going through my entire body. The usual vibrations occurred, but I suddenly felt a piercing, throbbing pain in my knee. (I have no injuries to my knee, and i'm far from being old....no arthritis problems etc.)... so it took me by surprise). It stopped, then started again, on and off every few minutes. It continued like that for a period of half an hour. The pain was very sharp, as if I was pierced with a large metal object. (I even wondered if someone had a voodoo doll and sticking it with pins in the knee, yes I was that freaked out about it). Anyway I finally fell asleep when the pain ceased, and woke up this morning, no pain in the knee whatsoever....oh and I now have no more fever or chills...it seems the flu bug has left my body.

Does anyone know what could have caused this to happen?
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[07 Dec 2004|11:23am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Heya's all,
I'm a first-time poster to this community. I live in the UK and am a psi who specialises in ki energy control and shamanism.

I have been training for the past 11 years and feel a deep sense of protective duty to this world. I have thus passed my knowledge on to naturally talented students who, upon graduating, have decided that they do not want to use their abilities to help the world after all (one became a writer and the other decided that if the world was ending he'd rather spend his last moments in the arms of his partner).

I can't say I blame them really though, as being a warrior and sacrificing your wants and needs for a greater good can be a hard and lonely life. I was interested if anyone else in this community feels a similar obligation to humankind and if they have also found ir difficult to recruit fellow defenders.

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[23 Sep 2004|09:45pm]

Hi everyone. I have just discovered your community.
I am a bodywork therapist from montreal, canada, who has been practicing chi kung for 7 yeras, and had an interest in energetics as far back as high school. I have had many interesting and at times unbelievable experiences working with energy, and now work professionally in a field that specialises in the link between the body's energy flow, personal health, and spiritual well being (if a separation between spiritual, mental and physical health can be made). I have seen some amazing and miraculous things happen, and am excited by the prospects of joining a community that has these things as its basic premise.
so HI. nice to meet you all.
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[04 Sep 2004|03:25am]

Some times when I research an item I have strange thoughts come to mind. I find that I not only absorb information when I read but I also see pictures...feel sensations of change in the process. It is not as in desire to become but a natural process much like remembering. I can recall how it feels to be cut. I can recall how it feels to run on all fours. The list goes on. I can get absorbed into say...a vampire movie and actually feel phantom fangs things like that. Perhaps a vivid imagination is the culprit. I find such sensations intriguing to say the least. I can watch a bird fly and become it though I have not left the ground...In that I mean I feel the energy being used to flap the wings or the way the wind feels under me. Vertigo happens when I get too involved. Which is real and which is imagination do you think?
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